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Peruca feminina

Disponível nas cores:

  • espresso mix
  • darkchocolate lighted
  • hotchocolate mix
  • hazelnut mix
  • bernstein rooted
  • sandmulti rooted
  • lightchampagne rooted
  • hotaubergine mix
  • darkauburn mix
  • hotchilli rooted
  • safranred rooted


Stimulate Hair Design

Fresh, creative design and superior workmanship stand for the stylish human hair wigs of the STIMULATE Art Class Collection.Full lace, mono, monofilament, invisible LaceFront, hand knotted or stretchable, every customer will find an individually suitable wig solution. Extra large or especially small is no exception.The wide price range reflects the remarkable product offering variety. Everything covered, on prescription until the high quality exclusive model for customers without budget constraints.

Synthetic Hair

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Peso1000 g

espresso mix, darkchocolate lighted, hotchocolate mix, hazelnut mix, bernstein rooted, sandmulti rooted, lightchampagne rooted, hotaubergine mix, darkauburn mix, hotchilli rooted, safranred rooted


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